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          2. Tel:+ 86 13771569920    |     Email:sales@qshi-china.com   


            EN CH

            Container handling for you
            Most reasonable and effective
            System solution!

            To provide customers with excellent and efficient solutions, is committed to serving the lifting market; provide strong technical support; to provide quality products.

            The company produces container spreader, marine crane equipment, clamshell equipment, etc.. The company spirit of "innovation, build quality, to improve customer handling efficiency and reduce customer handling costs for the purpose of customer value and create a policy of" one-stop service for all your professional equipment needs to provide excellent products efficient, high quality and low price for domestic and foreign customers.

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            ABOUT US

            Jiangsu Qunshuo Heavy Industry Equipment Co., Ltd

            We stick to “Corporate to Win-Win, Be the pioneer””Keep innovation, Create Masterpiece”We are committed to boosting loading/unloading efficiency and cutting costs for our clients. QSHI creates value, aims to be the world’s leading container spreader manufacturer.

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            Jiangsu Qunshuo Heavy Industry Equipment Co.,Ltd

            One-stop service for all your professional equipment requirements!

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