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            20ft 40ft safety lashing cage

            Publisher: Release time:2021/10/25 10:11:00 Click:1

            The lashing cage is used for the transport of persons (lashers) and lash material during the dispatch of container ships. it can be picked-up by the container cranes by means of a spreader at 40’ position or 20’ position.     


            The cage is partly roofed over, so the personnel working in the safety cage is protected against weather. The cage is equipped with 6 accesses in total. The four lateral accesses are secured by gates, access doors recessed to the cage interior – aligned to the inner edge of the twist-locks boxes, open towards interior, spring closed and automatic lock system.


            Two accesses sprung, inwardly opening end doors with locks ;

            Four secondary safety attachment chains fitted to reinforcing plates and with hooks at the corners. 


            For more details on product, please feel free to contact QSHI !