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            QSHI deliver eco hopper to customer

            Publisher: Release time:2021/11/18 10:14:38 Click:1

            Recent, we finish and deliver eco hopper to customer.

            Over this period of time we have developed a unit that is both flexible enough to suit all applications.

            Unloading Hoppers are supplied mounted on pneumatic tyres, rail mounted and statically mounted and so are designed to suit all quay layouts-existing or new. 

            They can be discharged to truck, train wagon, barges anits conveyors or a combination of these. AllI can be supplied with a varying degree of dust control, be that mechanical FlexFlap system or full dust aspiration at grab intake and outloading to transportation.  



            Seed Cakes/Crushed Seeds(Rape seed, Soya bean etc)

            Biomass(Woodchip, Wood pellets, crushed Dlive seed etc)


            Aggregate Coal


            Iron ore/Nickel ore
            Our latest eco hopper project in Philippines


            For more details, feel free to contact us !