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            Marine Floation Crane
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            Marine Floation Crane

            Technical characteristics

            This machine is a floating crane for ships. It has the advantages of light weight, small footprint, high working efficiency and stable performance. It adopts a single-arm balance and variable amplitude system, and relies on the compensation pulley block to ensure the horizontal displacement of the cargo. The luffing mechanism is driven by the rack device. It is equipped with various electrical and mechanical protection devices necessary for safe operation. The rotation can be rotated 360°, and the loading and unloading efficiency is high.

            It is mainly installed on a special hull or barge to carry out loading and unloading operations between the ship and the shore or between the ship and the ship. The center of gravity of the machine has a lower center of gravity, good stability and flexible operation. It is an ideal loading and unloading equipment for coastal, river, lake and inland rivers.

            Design specification

            This model is designed and manufactured in accordance with "GB3811-83 Crane Design Specification" and "GB6067-85 Crane Safety Regulations".


            Technical parameters

            Rated lifting capacityt58101620
            Working rangem6 ~ 207~ 257~ 257~ 287~ 28
            Lifting heightBase surfacem88888
            Under the base1212121212
            Lifting speedm /min40/6040/6040/6040/6040/60
            Variable speedm /min4040404040
            Rotate speedr /min≈2.4≈2.4≈2.4 ≈2.4 ≈2.4