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            Full Load Luffing Crane
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            Full Load Luffing Crane

            Technical characteristics

            This machine is a fixed installation, 360° rotary full load variable amplitude crane. It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, flexible operation, convenient maintenance and high work efficiency.

            The lifting device of the machine has three types of hooks (single cable), grab bucket (double cable) and four ropes. The variable amplitude device has three types of wire rope, rack and four links for users to choose, which can be realized during operation. The horizontal displacement of the cargo makes the operation simpler, safer and more reliable.

            Design specification

            This model is designed and manufactured according to "GB3811-83 Crane Design Specification" and "GB6067-85 Crane Safety


            Technical Parameters

            ParametersUnitQSHI                              5-25QSHI                           10-25QSHI                    16-25QSHI                 20-30QSHI              40-30QSHI                 50-30QSHI            150-40
            Rated lifting capacityt51016204050150
            Working rangem7 ~ 25.07 ~ 25.07 ~ 25.08 ~ 30.08 ~ 30.08 ~ 30.08 ~ 30.0
            Lifting heightBase surfacem16161620202030
            Under the base10101010101010
            Lifting speedm /min10~60.010~60.010~60.06~60.06~20.06~20.0 2~10.0
            Variable speedm /min6~40.0 6~40.06~40.03~40.03~18.03~18.0 3~18.0
            Rotate speedr /min≈2.00≈2.00≈2.00≈2.00≈1.50≈1.20≈0.8